An Open API for Electronic Health Records

Easily and securely build EHR and other clinical applications with our REST API

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Healthcare for Developers

Easily and securely build entire EHR applications with our REST API

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Easily and quickly build an entire EHR product or simply incorporate medical documentation, procedures, labs, imaging, e-prescribing, infusions and more with our REST API.  Work in Java, NodeJS, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python and most other languages with our libraries and SDKs.  We even have a library in Swift!  We’ve gone to great lengths to remove the typical “barriers to entry” for medical applications.

Clinical Depth

From Primary Care to Pathology, Obstetrics to Oncology, we cover most medical specialties and subspecialties.  We even have user-uploaded data resources to integrate your “wearables” information, so that your physician can have access to this data.  You’ll be up and running quickly and painlessly.


Doctrly is 100% HIPAA compliant. We meet or exceed all US and EU regulations. App development is stress-free since Doctrly handles most compliance issues. We have taken on as much of the HIPAA burden as possible so you don’t have to.  However we don’t stop there! In order to help developers even more, we provide simple-to-follow guides, to help you with any questions you may have.

Why use an API for Electronic Health Records?

Build a Life Changing, Life Saving Application

Doctrly lets you use standard web languages to build EHR and other medical applications. We’ve built the clinical backends and exposed them to you via a simple yet powerful REST API.


We are an API, interoperability is what we do. Connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime for free via our API. It’s that simple.

Scale and Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is built for scale; massive scale. You’ll never have to worry about large hardware investments or long-term contracts again. Whether you are building a single health app or building an EHR for tens of millions of patients in your health system, we’ve got you covered. Just pay for what you use and grow as big as you can imagine.

Safety and Security

With features like SHA2 digest algorithms, OAuth 2.0, Perfect Forward Secrecy, HSTS, JWT and Granular Access Control Lists, your data is secure. Data is encypted in transit and at rest. In fact, your data is safer with us than in your own on-site data centers. We’ve done everything we can to force best-practices where ever possible. This ensures that your staff cannot access our API unless they’ve followed all of the proper security protocols. We make it easy to do the “right thing”.

Meaningful Use
Easily achieve Meaningful Use, Stage 2 certification. Our EHR makes it simple to claim your meaningful use incentives. Easily integrate with an existing patient portal or build your own. With built in capability for SNOMED, RxNorm and LOINC coding, quality reporting is a breeze. In short, our API makes it simple to pass Stage 2 attestation.
Big Data
Big Data can to add dramatic value to your health organization. Run advanced MapReduce jobs while maintaining regulatory compliance. When Hadoop and HIPAA work together in synchrony, amazing things happen. Harness the power of big data to improve operational efficiency, patient outcomes and population management.
Customized for Your Use Case

Whether you represent a software developer, integrated health delivery system or hospital, our API will allow you to create the right EHR for your physicians and patients. Easily create a frontend for each specialty in your hospital system, each of which connects to the same backend database designated for your hospital or medical group. With an infinite number of apps, UIs and other front-ends available for each organization (at no extra charge), you can finally allow your physicians to reach EHR zen since they can each have their own frontend. Better outcomes, higher productivity and happier physicians: this is the power of modern technology. It’s time to leave your legacy EHR behind.

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