An Open API for Electronic Health Records

Easily and securely build clinical, business & population health applications with our REST API

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EHR Integration Made Simple

Easily and securely build entire healthcare applications with our REST API

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Quickly access facility EHR data with our REST API. Easily build clinical, business, or consumer apps using validated, patient data. Work in Java, NodeJS, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python and most other languages with our libraries and SDKs. We’ve gone to great lengths to remove the typical “barriers to entry” for healthcare applications.

Seamless Healthcare Data Flow

Doctrly represents data from your facility EHR accurately and effortlessly. We utilize intuitive yet extensive clinical data mapping across a wide variety of medical specialties. Build critical applications that quickly dial-in on discrete data. Get near real-time data connectivity between apps and EHR data.


Doctrly is 100% HIPAA compliant. We meet or exceed all US and EU regulations. App development is stress-free since Doctrly handles most compliance issues. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Robust & layered security protocols ensure all enterprise data is safe.

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